Friday, 23 December 2011

The italian answer to Ken Block's Gymkhana

Finally we see the italian version of Ken Block's Gymkhana. Italian rally champion Luca Pedersoli is the protagonist of this action movie full of drifting, backfiring and epic scenes with his Peugeout 206 WRC!

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  1. Bleh, not bad, but no Ken Block, IMO. Car sounds pretty good though.

  2. [portuguese- Brazil] Eu gosto!
    Não chega a ser aquela coisa fantástica do Ken Block, mas mostra muita precisão nas manobras.

    [english] I like!
    It is hardly the stuff Ken Block's fantastic, but it shows a lot of precision in maneuvering.

    Abraços - hugs
    Kiko Molinari - Carros Raros BR

    (translated by Google Translator)

  3. This is amazing, Liz! It's perfectly accurate as well as being really well written. The one thing I would say is that including the owl names would be good. I'll list them here from top to bottom and left to right for those who are interested: 'Liddle flame' #57, 'Starstruck' #81, 'Potty Patrick' #52, 'No nonsense' #28, 'Flat Freddie' #82. Also, I'm at Abbotsford Convent Makers' Market on the 3rd Sunday every month. Other market dates are kept up to date on my website.
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