Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Murcielago LP650-4 Roadster

No, it's not an error, I've written LP650-4 Roadster, I didn't wanted to say LP640. I think most of you doesn't know this particular and rare edition of the Murcielago. Presented in 2009, just 50 of these have been made, there are about 3 of these just in Italy. I've been very lucky to spot it twice!

The LP650-4 Roadster comes outside in Grigio Telesto paintjob with Arancio details in contrast such as the front/back spoiler and both side of the car.

The cockpit is a mixture of leather and alcantara. The paddles behind the steering wheel are orange as well. The 6.5L V12 engine has been slightly modified and produces +10hp, for a total output of 650hp and 660nm, but with a same top speed (330km/h) and 0-100km/h (3.4s) of its brother, LP640 Roadster.

Here one of the few vids I managed to take to this very rare Bull.

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