Friday, 30 March 2012

710hp Ferrari 599 GTO by Romeo Ferraris

If you have a Ferrari 599 GTO and think that 670hp is not enough for you, now you can make a visit to Romeo Ferraris in Italy. The famous tuner of Milan has developed a series of mods for the GTO with very good results. As you know, the 6.2L V12 produces 670hp and you can increase the power and performance with the choice of 2 Steps.

The first " light " step includes a sport air filter and a new exhaust giving to the car 15hp and 13nm of torque.

The second step is really gritty and includes a sport air filter, full exhaust system (new manifolds, central tube and muffler) that is linked to a new ECU reflash, increasing the power up to 710hp and 668nm of torque (+40hp and +48nm)!

The tuning package includes also aestethics modifications which provide the use of carbon fibre on the extractor, side mirrors and the wing. Check out the official video of the dyno run in Romeo Ferraris' workshop and the official pics below:

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