Monday, 29 April 2013

Indian dad arrested for letting son drive Ferrari

Do you remember the video regarding a 9 years old kid driving a Ferrari F430 in India? Of course you do, it's quite hard to forget a video like that! An indian family let their son as their 9th birthday present to drive their F430 around the neighborhood. The video was taken by the mom of the young kid and after it has been published on YouTube, needless to say that it went viral enough to cause the rage of people of the web and the indian communities to such an extent that the father of the kid has been tracked and arrested on charges of allowing to drive endangering the life of a minor.

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  1. first of all it was his dad and second there are some charges against him he isnt arrested or something ... one does not simply arrest someone in india :)

  2. ja pierdole...........

  3. bro its india... no one go to jail , specialy who have ferrari :)