Friday, 31 May 2013

Lovely Lexus LFA for sale

At the end of March we've heard about the lastest Lexus LFA delivered to its lucky customer in Europe. If you had the cash but not the chance to take a place on one of the 500 LFAs to be produced, now you have the chance to buy one, but you have to move up to China, and by considering the high amount of supercar crashes in that place, you'd better do it quickly.
For a not so cheap price of $1.14m (as a reminder, car taxes are huge in China, and as you already know, of course you pay an extra also for the exclusivity) you may become the new owner of this Lexus LFA painted in a lovely baby blue paint.

The car shows just a couple of thousand of kilometers on the odometer. So, what are you waiting for?

If had some doubts about this car, just listen to the glorious sound of the 4.8L engine which is considered as one of the best sounding V10s on a modern supercar!

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  1. cute and lovely
    cause it's smiling at you