Saturday, 8 October 2011

Lovely supercars and colours... Part 2

New article with some of the most particular and nice paintjobs on supercars i find on internet!

                                                  Matte purple/black Bugatti Veyron

                                                        Red/Grey Maybach 57s

                                                        Red Mercedes SLS AMG

                                                      Turquoise Audi RS6 sedan

Which is the one you like most?

Credits for these lovely pics are going to photographer Raphael Belly;


  1. Audi RS6! what a car! too bad that the new model don't have the fabolous V10 560 HP! :(

  2. Wow! The RS6 really stands from the crowd and is as clean as it can be, but I would have to choose the Mercedes because I love the wing-doors :) Great pics Marchettino!!!

  3. As soon as I saw the turquoise RS6 I remembered of the the CCXR and SV from London. But I`d go with the Veyron... and MAYBE even with the RS6 ;)