Friday, 7 October 2011

Turquoise Rolls Royce Phantom

You know, when you buy a car like the RR Phantom, there's an infinite variety of customisations and options you can put. Rolls Royce has recently released a gallery of pictures of a unique Phantom, finished in turquoise paintjob over a turquoise luxury interior. Also spotter JustinsSupercars has filmed this car in person at the Rolls Royce Showroom in Doha, Qatar.

The car is made for the Al-Thani qatari royal family, as you probably know they are pretty famous because all of their cars are finished in turquoise paintjob, like their Pagani Zonda Uno or Koenigsegg CCXR. This is the very first turquoise Rolls Royce made.


  1. exterior ok!!! BUT!!!! interior is disgusting!!!

  2. interior should have been made from white leather and black wood.

  3. a Rolls without woody trims is not a Rolls... but this is outstanding!