Friday, 11 May 2012

Ferrari 599XX and FXX shakedown

A few days ago took place in the temple of speed, Monza, the only italian edition of the 2012 season of the Ferrari Corse Clienti that involved the XX Programmes, featuring the Ferrari 599XX, FXX and their EVO editions. So, I couldn't miss this unique opportunity to see and hear in person these fantastic machines. The day was divided in track sessions followed by telemetry sessions, so after you were on track you were able to check out with Ferrari technicians in pitlane your results and it was an opportunity to improve your skills on the fast italian circuit. Monza is located in a fascinating location, inside a huge park in the city, when the cars were driving it was really possible to hear an unbelievable soundtrack from every point of the track, or even in the city nearby.

Here below you can check out some pics and videos made by me and a friend of mine.

Pictures by Daniele Abbondanza

It's time to turn up the volume!

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