Sunday, 10 February 2013

Crazy guy drifting the M5.. again

Do you remember the crazy dude with the BMW M5 E34 that I would have loved to see in the jail? He's back with an even more insane, stupid, crazy video by showing again his drifting skills on public roads. For the second time he performs something that even the most " evil " Grand Theft Auto player wouldn't do in a videogame, it's just unthinkable to put the risk the lifes of the pedestrians and the other drivers by driving in this reckless way.

Click here for the previous article regarding the other M5 video.

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  1. This can only end badly...

  2. Indeed, soon or later he will be going to jail.

  3. What an absolute arse. He is a very skilled driver, but this is massively stupid and dangerous. You're right, he should go to jail ASAP.

  4. What a bastard. this guy is such an dumb idiot! thats the problem of buying his drivniglicense. too many idiots on the streets. sorry but this cant be. im sure he caused many accidents. and im sure he woudlnt even stop if someone would die....

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