Monday, 4 February 2013

Lamborghini LP640 vs RC Helicopter ends badly

The day for these people has started as a fun moment to race in a runway with a Lamborghini LP640, a couple of bikes and an RC helicopter, but at a certain point of the video I've been shocked to see what happened to the Lamborghini. According to some people that have left a comment on the video on YouTube, at the end of the filming day the 16 years old son of the owner was let to drive the Lambo, but he ran out of the track and crashed into a construction site. The collision must have happened at a pretty high speed, considering that the car looks almost completely totalled.

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  1. I think RC Helicopter got more power to win from Lamborghini LP640. RC helicopter fly very fast, high and the range of the remote is also maintained for long distance.

  2. The RC Helicopter was wonderful.Thank you for sharing it.

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  4. That's amazing and great,by the way,semms that one is bought from our store,isn't it?