Friday, 3 January 2014

Here's the first LaFerrari sale speculation

The LaFerrari is an exclusive hypercar that many collectors would love to have in their garages, needless to say that all the 499 units have been sold to selected customers that haven't even seen the car before to spend over a million euros.

The deliveries have started just a month ago but the first LaFerrari has already hit the market and it could be yours for a staggering 2.38m € which is nearly two times more than what Ferrari asked!

The car is for sale in Munich and shows just 200km on the odometer so it's basicly brand new and if the owner manages to sell the car, that would turn out as a very good investment for him, but I'm afraid Ferrari won't let him buy even a keychain branded Ferrari in the future!

See the car for sale here:


  1. What's it doing baking there in the sun? Shouldn't they put it in a showroom or something?

  2. No kidding, and #1 should be worth Twice that... artitecturalist@kmsavial