Friday, 29 November 2013

First LaFerrari crash!

Hard time for Ferrari. McLaren and Porsche have already started the deliveries of their top-notch hypercars, mean while at Maranello the LaFerrari is still under development and now we receive the news regarding the first LaFerrari involved in an accident.

The picture shows a red LaFerrari (we hope it's not a customer car) rear ended from big truck, the accident took place yesterday in the italian highway around Mantova, a place where many Ferraris have been spotted while testing. Although the damage doesn't look extensive, I wouldn't want to be in the truck driver's shoes right now.

This is actually the second time we get to know a LaFerrari is involved in an accident, months ago an enthusiast caught on camera a LaFerrari going offroad at Fiorano (Click here for the article and video).

Edit: A good friend of mine was in the right place in the right time and less than an hour later the accident he was on the place and took a few exclusive picture to share with us, here they are! We can see better the damaged caused by the truck and although it doesn't look so extensive, according to the test driver it's still an expensive damage to fix.


  1. Doesn't look like a customer car with the camouflage

    1. It's not a camouflage, it's a film used to protect the car from the dirt and scratches.

  2. Are we sure it's the trucker's fault? The LaFerrari has some pretty lethal brakes (i should think), so it might have just abruptly stopped, and the poor guy trying to stop a few tons of cargo couldn't stop in time :/ ...

  3. If so, in fact it's definitively the truckers fault - he was to close then...

  4. I live in Italy, Bologna and I can tell you people that for sure it`s the truckers fault, because here in Italy everyone drive with speed and very close to the car on front of them. If a road is limited to 50 km/h the cars go at minimum 80-90 km/ now jump to conclusions....

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