Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Lamborghini Gallardo sounds and accident!

Recently I attended the official opening of a new racetrack in Italy. I was there with a friend with his Lamborghini Gallardo. In the video first you can see some track scenes involving the Lambo, which sounded absolutely great with the FabSpeed exhaust. At the end of the day my friend left the racetrack. Just outside the racetrack there was the main road which was very tight, there was another car coming from the opposite way. Worried about scratching his car against the other, my friend moved too much on the right side of the road and half of the car fell down. Actually, we were in the countryside, in the middle of nowhere. It was a pretty difficult situation to move the car, but with the help of other people we resolved the situtation.


  1. Hope your friend's car didn't suffer any damage on the basement of the car...
    Where is the new opened track by the way?


  2. Yeah I noticed the road is extremely thin, can imagine driving a supercar on one of those, even straight can be tricky ;]

    Thanks for the video Marchettino, the sounds are great!

  3. @Cris: that's the new Modena racetrack, situated in the countriside near Modena.

  4. @Marco magari ci faccio un giro =) Sono stato a Monza 2 settimane fa. Che esperienza!

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