Saturday, 24 September 2011


Hi guys, this is the first post on my new blog. Let me introduce it shortly. I run a succesful YouTube channel where i post my videos, my idea is to create a blog where i can let you interact more with my content. I have to say, i have never managed a blog or a website, and i've never written articles. But hey, there's always a first time. It's not going to be related only to car articles, but i will post also special contents about the events i will attend, behind the scenes and other things i hope will make this blog unique. Tips, new ideas for the blog and comments will always be apreciated!




  1. Try to be unique...
    In your Article We dont need A to Z technical and engine specification of Car. We can get it from anywhere. What we need is your point of view,Features which you liked the most, hate the most, Celebrities associated with it, history associated with it ,workmanship etc etc.. and some funny stuff..
    All the BEST..

  2. you have started pretty well. post funny things and interesting stuff, which you just cant find on topgear/autocar/wikipedia.

  3. Wish you much luck with your Blog and maybe it'll turn out as successfull as your YT Channel!! ;)

  4. Ho solo una domanda: chi sei? Chi sei per essere arrivato a poter fare certe cose, a farti conoscere in ambienti così esclusivi, paghi anche forse? Chi sei? Hai molte cose da spiegare