Friday, 25 November 2011

2013, goodbye to Maybach production!

Daimler group is going to stop production of Maybach cars in 2013. That's what Dieter Zetsche (CEO of Daimler group) said in an interview that will be released tomorrow. The main reason is because they will be concentrated on the new Mercedes S Class and the target to increase its sales. There's more sense to put more efforts to increase the sales in the luxury S Class than in the creation or the sale of the actual Maybach cars, which have always been below the expectations. There were many rumors in time, but now it's official, Maybach will stop the production in 2013. Good to hear about the 150 workers of Maybach that will doesn't lose their job, they will keep working in Daimler group.

To be honest, i have never been a fan of Maybach cars, the base is taken from the Mercedes S Class and it looks very similar, i would rather take a Rolls Royce Ghost. Here below a video i took to an extravagant Maybach 57 i took this summer.

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