Thursday, 10 November 2011

292km/h in V12 Vantage + busted

This is a video i have seen a long time ago. But just a few days ago this video became so popular because the driver in the video has been stopped, and now his driving license could be suspended, he risks also a huge fine and his V12 Vantage Carbon Black to be confiscated. Indeed, video shows the driver behind the Aston driving up to 292km/h on dutch highway, he sais that's just 1 of 3 Carbon Black edition in Belgium, so it's kinda easy for police to find him. And this is the main reason why you don't see in my videos cars speeding on public streets.. If you want to go fast, go on a racetrack.


  1. At least cross the border to Germany, find a stretch of autobahn with no speed limit and give er nuts!

  2. Nice interiors damn!

  3. It's not Dutch highway but highway Belgium ;-)