Saturday, 5 November 2011

900th video - A dream ride with Valentino Balboni

First of all, i want to say thanks to everyone who support my channel, i can't believe this is my 900th video uploaded to YouTube! That's a huge amount of videos and effort i put to create content in over 5 years.
For my 900th video i really wanted to take a special video, last weekend i went to Monza and as i saw Valentino i  have not hesitated to propose him to take a video with him. Valentino is such a kind and open man, it was very exciting and unbelievable for me to sit next to him in a Lambo!

It has been for sure one of the most special ride i have ever had on a supercar, thanks Valentino for the special day i spent on track with you!!

I was also very lucky because a friend of mine took a picture while Valentino was on track, he caught the right moment when i was inside with him, that's a nice souvenir photo for the day :)

                               Picture was taken by my friend and youtuber 19Bozzy92!

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  1. grande!!! che fortuna...deve essere stata una bella esperienza sicuramente!!

  2. Che ricordi a Monza, bel video! Ma in pista si può entrare liberamente con la propria auto? L'ultima volta ho corso sulle Hyundai ma al loro evento...

  3. Ma cosa fai nella vita Marco ?

  4. Great video!

    keep going ;)

  5. does not work in germany because of copyrights issues ;-(((