Tuesday, 5 June 2012

1500whp Gallardo drives to 405km/h!

You may probably know those crazy americans from Underground Racing, a company that could twin turbo almost anything has 4 tires and a steering wheel. With the add of two turbos they're able to insanely increase the power of your supercar, making it a serious Bugatti Veyron-eater. Indeed, the following video let us shows the incredible power of an Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardo with around 1700-1800hp (1500whp) going mad during a drag race event of DragTimesInfo.

It's not a surprise that day the twin turbo Gallardo has set two incredible records on that straight line; it has covered one mile in just 23.861 sec. with a top speed of 387.51 km/h (240.84 mph). Then, they tried to give it a little bit more free straight, the result? 405 km/h (251 mph)!

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  1. If I had that kind of money i would totally do this, were those 245's on the rear???? with wheelspin, thats Nuts. After college im probably doing either a GTM twin turbo 370z, or a bridgeported turbo 20B FD3s RX-7. Keep the videos coming Marchettino, cheers from an automotive photographer.

  2. isnt that a russian event?