Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Ferrari in: Forza Emilia

You may have heard that recently the area of Modena has been hit by a series of brutal earthquakes, even the most important factories such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati had to shut down for a couple of days. It's not a good situation, many houses have fallen down, many factories are damaged and unfortunately there are injuries and casualties.

Ferrari has decided to give a hand to the population by doing a charity auction for raising important funds to donate to the parents to the victims of the earthquakes. It's also a very good occasion to do the right thing and give the opportunity to Ferrari fans to buy very exclusive products such as the helmet of Felipe Massa, the racing gloves of Fernando Alonso. Let's take a look below to the hottest things you can buy from this auction.

As you know, only 29 units of the Ferrari 599XX have been produced. For this special occasion, they have created the 30th. The car will be delivered to the new owner straight to Monza from Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso during the Italian F1 Gran Prix. Base price: 1.300.000€

This is the front (it includes also the front wing) of the Ferrari F1 F60 used in 2009. Base price: 15.000€

Why not, an F1 engine! You can place it in your lounge and admire it like a piece of art. It's the V8 engine of the F1 F2008. Base price: 50.000€

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