Wednesday, 6 February 2013

No, it's not a movie!

You might think that this scene was taken from a comic movie, but this video is real and was recorded in the city of Cardito, in the province of Naples, in Italy. A local resident has filmed from his balcony the attempt of a Fiat 500 to reverse and drive away, but the driver finds out to be stuck between two cars and with very poor driving skills he tries (in vain) for a long time to move away, meanwhile many cars are waiting exasperating (touching the brawl a couple of times!). If that's not enough, also some bikers and even a religious procession you see coming, but finally the Fiat driver moves away with the massive help, applause and shouts of joy of the priest, the bikers, the Protezione Civile (civil defense) and the whole crowd.

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