Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Alfa Romeo 4C Sound!

After a couple of years of concepts and teasing, Alfa Romeo debuts this year in Geneva with the final version of the 4C that is going into production. Many of us are wondering how does the tiny 1.7L turbocharged 4 cylinder engine sounds, and here in a world's first we get to hear its noise in a video taken while the car was being moved inside the Palexpo at Geneva.

Of couse if you haven't seen yet the video below, I spent some time to film the 4C inside the show, finally Alfa Romeo is back to its roots with a good RWD sports car.

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  1. I don't kwow how many times i've seen it but i can't stop...such an amazing car
    i love alfa

  2. The only sound that is missing is a sound of a trumpets that was in old alfas :D