Sunday, 24 March 2013

Radical SR8 Crash

Pushing a car at high speed on a track rather than on a public road is a much safer way to have fun, but that doesn't mean that the worse couldn't happen. There's always the chance to crash if you push the car to the limit and unfortunately that's what happened this time to race driver Miguel Villagomez behind the wheel of a Radical SR8, he loses the control of the car and crashes into the barriers and stops very close to the truck. He didn't got injured, but you can't deny that he has been very lucky in this situation that could have turned worse!

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  1. If he was going a bit faster he problabvly would smash his car on to the truck and get injured.

  2. This is similar to a lot of the nurnburgring crashes when the wheel touches the green. Wouldn't the correct response of the driver be to push the gas more to get the steering back instead of braking?

    1. No. Steering more would make he lose the traction even more since it is a RWD, the best to do is do nothing if you want to go back to the asphalt, but rarely you have time to think in what you are going to do and your brain automatically hit the brakes.