Monday, 6 January 2014

Douchebag driver in a BMW M3

A dashcam and someone driving like a crazy? Surprisingly, the video is not set in Russia but in Belgium and through the camera placed on a truck we get to see a douchebag driving reckless a black BMW M3 on the highway. The plate of the car is quite visible and with the power of internet, it won't take so long before to find the owner and hopefully burn his driving license.

This is actually the same car you see in the video, this time spotted in Hasselt, Belgium.


  1. What a douche. He's lucky he didn't get rear ended, or cause several other cars to get rear ended driving like that. I have to wonder what the issue was to make him drive like that. Obviously, there is no excuse for driving like that, just think there was something that tripped his road rage.

  2. the driver has been caught, en the police are bringing him to justice as we speak. tho the power of the internet has been looking for him to, they accused a person fals, and that person did get many hate mail, and hate calls. so the power of the internet failed here. anyways nice to share it :)

  3. Hey... don´t jump to conclusions. Although the M3 behavior is not acceptable, you never know what got him to do this in the first place. I am not trying to find an excuse, but people always tend to judge very fast the owner of a sport car under this sort of circumstance. If 99% of the people who dream of owning an sport car knew how it feels like trying to drive it around regularly. There is that 1% that will compliment you and say how nice it is. But there is another 99% who will make s**** out of you, cutting you in front of traffic, making you go through very difficult situations. Usually, the worst type against people in good cars tend to be truck, bus, delivery and cab drivers. People worship so much a good car, but most of them will do nothing better than envying people who get to drive one. Ask the man in the M3 what has happened before judging so fast. Right or wrong, once you put your money to buy a dream car and you see someone acting with nothing more than disrespect, there comes a moment you may simply 'snap' and behave like this.

  4. Seems like the truck driver might have done something to instigate this road rage.

    Not that I condone this type of behavior. I would never do that if I owned an M3, I would have just moved along even if the truck driver did something. Would never risk damaging my car like that.

  5. Regardless of whether the other driver did something wrong, that driving was extremely dangerous.

  6. I think that the camera car was over taking the truck, when the M3 driver was about to cut infront of the camera car and overtake the truck, but instead the camera car blocked his path.

  7. Typical BMW driver, happens all the time here in Canada.. But I'm really thinking that truck driver must've done something to instigate this idiotic behaviour.. I've never seen something this bad yet but most people here where I live who drive BMW's, Merc's or Audi's usually always tailgate you or cut you off for no apparent reason (not trying to stir up the stereotype of people who drive uber luxury German cars). But anyways, that was completely stupid of that M3 driver..

  8. It's a black BMW - what do you expect?!
    Regardless of country, model or age of that particular brand of vehicle, if it's black, give it a VERY wide berth for it WILL be driven by someone with an inferiority complex - and it's probably a company car, so what does he (for it is usually a 'he') care?
    My ex-wife had her car written off whilst sitting stationary at a roundabout in the UK - the car that hit her?
    His excuse?
    "My foot got stuck on the accelerator" - over a pedestrian crossing, at school run time, into the back of a stationary vehicle.
    BMW - Brainless Moronic Wanker (excuse me)
    And if you don't think that's the truth - just pay attention next time you go out.
    Car illegally parked in a Disabled Driver spot?
    Cutting across three lanes of the motorway without indicating?
    Parking on double yellow lines so the poor little darling can go to the cashpoint (ATM)?
    Trying to force you off the road at any given opportunity?
    Parked diagonally across three parking spaces? (I have the photos!)

    Black BMW - Says more about you than you realise!

  9. i think it's obvious that the camera car didn't let him pass, wich led to this reaction from the bimmer driver. not excusing him though

  10. this guy is only helping those who hate us BMW owners a bad name...

  11. Well these kinds of incidents are very common on road now days. People are driving like crazy and without sense; this is only reason for accidents and fatal crashes; therefore we have found some manual guide with the vehicle during purchase. This video footage shows huge crazy scene; we should keep distance from other vehicles and make way for them in this way we are able to avoid fatal crashes and vehicle repairs also.