Monday, 30 July 2012

A special Veyron for Wilton House

In about a week will take place in Wilton House, the annual famous car event that involves a huge amount of supercars and classics in UK. Lord Pembloke, petrolhead and owner of the land has decided to show this year his Bugatti Veyron with a very unique and custom wrap. YouTube user Munch997 has filmed the unveil of the car, his video includes also the noise of the Veyron that is fitted with Quicksilver exhaust. Sounds good!

If you live in UK I really advice you to go and visit the event! You can find more infos at

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  1. That sounds Sexual!!!!!

  2. Ciao Marco, This artwork sucks for me, because this is a bugatti, artwork in this car is Porsche Gulf 917 :) excuse me that i don't have a humor :/ But ..this exhaust is really good! like that!