Sunday, 15 July 2012

Terrible Ferrari 612 Scaglietti crash

A terrible crash involving a red Ferrari 612 Scaglietti took place in Moscow, Russia. It seems that the car crashed sideways against a huge pole by splitting the car in two distant parts. It's a massive crash, probably caused by the high speed. The Ferrari was driving with 4 people inside, but luckily just the driver reported minor injuries, incredible to say by watching the gallery below.

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  1. Russia.... all is explained...

    1. Really? as in we have the money? your money? or are we all just spoiled rich and stupid? and where are you from PAUL? where are your parents from? I really am curious as to why its ALL explained. YOU WOULD NEVER SURVIVE IN THAT COUNTRY, RICH OR POOR. Its a different world(completelyyy), something you will never understand. So leave the narrow minded, typical, stupid comments like those to yourself. Next time you want to criticize Russians think about the kid in your class or the guy at work that has just about everything +1 on you, not just monetary things like salary, level of education, graduation rates and the rest of the statistics that just show we really are better than idiots like you... but a nice hot wife who doesn't eat deep fried mayonnaise balls like yours. Kay? thanks, bye babes :*

  2. In Soviet Russia car splits up with you

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  4. OMG! Some Months ago, I spotted this one (same plate) in Vienna!

  5. Also this Ferrari crash had 3 people in car. might want to check out the actual video of some random dude explaining what went down and who went down, moments after the crash.