Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Kid crashes BMW M3

If you don't have enough driving skills, don't think you're a racing driver, that's simple, expecially if you're a young kid behind the wheel of a sporty car. The following onboard video shows a kid driving a BMW M3 E46 in the streets of Arizona. He drives at high speed and drives also in the opposite lane, a real danger on public streets. Luckily, his drive ends once he meets a blind corner, and without any good sense or reflex he doesn't even steers, with the result of a crash into the rooks.

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  1. Già che guida con il cambio in modalità automatica non merita nemmeno di sedersi dietro al volante. Gli sta bene.

  2. Fortunate he didn't roll.

  3. he think its "need for speed" game ahhaah