Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Man crashes Ferrari... on purpose!

There are some people that shouldn't even have the opportunity to see a Ferrari. The following (irritating) video uploaded on YouTube is something I've never seen before. Someone behind the wheel of a Ferrari 360 Modena drives multiple against a wall, meanwhile a group monkeys in the background are laughing and filming. The uploader of the video claims that the driver was crashing the car for a debt reason, maybe he was trying to fraud the insurance, not a very smart move to film the scene.

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  1. omg ... that really a retard ...

  2. That stupid son of a bitch should be introduced to the Fat End of a Baseball Bat! What he did is a Sin & Disrespect for a work of Art like a FERRARI !

  3. I think the story is that this garage did some work on the ferrari and there was a dispute over the payments. so the garage decided to smash up the ferrari! pretty retarded if you ask me!

  4. this is awful, mechanical sympathy should be law. cars are works of art and that man destroyed a Picasso.