Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A troll cyclist meets the Aventador

You're accelerating through a street and.. oh! A cyclist pops up and you have to slow down. That's typical, most cyclists love to think they're the only ones on the road, but this is some kind of annoying cyclist that is blocking the road just because he hates your noisy supercar.
The " Millionaire Boy Racers " documentary aired last year on tv clearly showed how most people around Knightsbridge can't withstand any more the loud supercars that every day at every time keep doing noises around the wealthy and quiet neighborhood, and this must be ceartinly a cyclist with no more patience towards these people!


  1. i actually thought it was pretty funny, i think the guy cant be blamed. Its a win-win for both, driver gets to make noise and drive fast, cyclist gets to cock block to blow off steam.

  2. If you'r riding your bike in a narrow street, you encounter two kinds of car drivers: the ones that show you that they have seen you: they approach safely, and as a biker, you can trust them and give them maximum space available. And there are the ones who reckon that the biker must have seen or heard them coming, and as such surely will jump out of the way. Well, the only way to make sure such an idiotic driver will not drive past at lunatic speed is claim your own space on the road. A biker has the right to claim full width of a narrow street - he is a user of public road, just like anyone else. And I can assure you, having a dumbass at the wheel of a 600bhp car right behind you revving up is scary. But just a little less scary than having him racing right past you at insane speed in a narrow street.
    I can fully relate to the biker. Congrats to him - he's no doubt the cool guy.