Sunday, 7 July 2013

Ferrari 458 China Edition for sale

Back in 2012, in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Ferrari in China, the company decided to introduce just for this market a special model, the Ferrari 458 China Edition. In short, this special edition is based on the popular 458 Italia but it's finished with the new " Rosso Marco Polo " paint, the wheels now are golden and on the hood we find a dragon livery.
The interior looks very standard, except for the introduction of a numbered badge of the car and a few minor details. Just 20 of these have been produced but now you have the opportunity to buy the exemplar #1 of 20 for a not-so-reasonable price of 795.000$.

Well, last year the car was sold brand new for 879.000 $ and it has already lost a value of 84.000 $, but does it really worth the price? Sure the exclusivity and the chinese car taxes have raised quite a lot the price, but it's still a 458 with a few special options, not a real bargain..

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