Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Ferrari 348 Barchetta Competizione hits the track

I can already imagine your reaction. Yes, this is a real Ferrari and for most of you this is the first time that you hear about it, it's the 348 Barchetta Competizione. So, what would you do if one day you crash your Ferrari? Sending it back to Maranello for a fix would be too mainstream, that's why the owner of this Ferrari 348 decided to rebuilt it by making it unique, the result is a not-so-348 looking with a badass Barchetta look and a spoiler which reminds me a lot the F40 Le Mans.
It's quite hard to find specific infos about this car, so we can't really tell what's hiding under the bonnet, but hopefully we get to hear its sound around SPA-Francorchamps.. until the marshals exposed a black fag as they decided that was too loud to be driven even in a racetrack.

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  1. Sissy marshals. What kind of arse says a track car is too loud?