Saturday, 24 August 2013

Ferrari 458 with nearly £100.000 on options!

The great thing of purchasing a Ferrari is that there's an infinite way to make it unique with a great amount of options and personalizations. The bad thing is that most Ferrari owners are quite boring when it comes to customize their Prancing Horse; how many Californias or 458s have you see painted red with standard wheels and black interior?
It's well known that Ferrari's options are expensive as hell, but you wouldn't believe to see this Ferrari 458 Italia with nearly £100.000 on options, more precisely £91.792! Yeah that's right, with the same price of the options you could have bought a brand new Porsche 911 or even a second hand Ferrari!


  1. In total 458 so this has cost about 300.000 euro. He bought an Aventador :)

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    2. @anonymous: don't you mean "learn"? Haha you freaking idiot!

    3. @Anonymous: it is "English" not englisch

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