Friday, 23 August 2013

Heavily damaged F12 Berlinetta in the UAE

If you would love to own a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta but its price tag of over 300.000€ is a bit over your budget, well this might be your opportunity to buy a brand new F12, the car is finished in black paintjob and shows just 100km on the odometer and it's covered of dust, you can really tell that it has been driven just a few times!
The depreciation must be pretty high on this F12 and before to consider it a bargain, I have to tell you that this Berlinetta coming from the United Arab Emirates has something more than a scratch, the back left is completely damaged, as well as the right front part. We're not aware of what exactly happened, but it looks like that Ferrari should include also a special driving course to every F12 owner in order to tame the monstrous 740hp coming out that V12..

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  1. How did that wheel so small? :)

    1. The wheel is the Spare they make them Smaller to Save space an Weight You only use them to get out of Trouble an get your Main Tyre Fixed Ok .

  2. Probably original wheel too damaged and replaced with spare wheel

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