Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Alfa Romeo 4C is a tough Ringer

Alfa Romeo has finally released the full video of the quick lap of the 4C around the Nürburgring‎. The long awaited RWD Alfa has clocked a full lap of 20.8km in 8 minutes and 4 seconds which is a record amongs the cars under 250hp.
The Alfa 4C is considered by many the straight rival of the Porsche Cayman S and around this track they have both made the same lap time, but we have to specify Alfa Romeo has used the option sports tires (Pirelli Zero Trofeo) for this.

As a little reminder, the Alfa Romeo 4C is a very light car with its 850kg and it's able to move from 0 to 100 kph in less than 5 seconds with a top speed of over 250 kph thanks also to the 240hp coming out the tiny 1.75 liter turbocharged engine.

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