Monday, 19 November 2012

Ferrari's charity auction

When it comes to charity, Ferrari is very active and generous. The recent hurricane Sandy has caused a lot of damages and casualties in the american East Coast, and Ferrari didn't hesitated to show its support by doing a charity auction, in order to raise founds for the American Red Cross. Needless to say that the auction has been a great success by raising over 1.5$ million, the first F12 Berlinetta to be delivered in the USA has been sold to the auction for 1.125$  million, 345.000$ have been raised thanks to the donations of the dealers, and 50.000$ through online donations.

The buyer of the 1st us F12 Berlinetta, sold for 1.125$ million

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  1. Funny that here on Brazil, 2 years ago, a rage of storms hit Rio de Janeiro and killed almost a 1000 of people and let much more homeless people and nobody gave a single f*ck. But when a disaster that happens to USA, everyone act like it was the worst disaster that the Earth had ever seen, and the hurrycane destroyed countrys like Cuba, but no one gave a single f*ck...