Friday, 2 November 2012

World's fastest street legal car!

The Ford GT is a pretty good supercar, but if you tune it, it can really be badass. Recently, a twin turbo Ford GT with the incredible power of 1700hp has set a new Guinness World Record, by accelerating up to 283.232 mph (455.82 km/h) in a standing mile! With this astonishing result, this Ford GT modified by Performance Power Racing is street legal, and so it's the world's fastest one!

The video of the world's fastest Ford GT didn't showed us much action about the record attempt, so why not, let's take a look at another recent attempt of another modified Ford GT, this time by Hennessey Performance which sets up a top speed record at Texas Mile with a 263.3 mph (423,74 km/h) run. In the video we can enjoy the onboard camera and an external shoot of the GT.

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