Monday, 2 September 2013

Dangerous moment for this Opel Speedster!

Driving at the infamous Nürburgring requires skills and a lot of concentration, if you want to complete a lap you have to be totally focused not to make mistakes because you can really have a bad day if something goes wrong.
It's not the first time I talk about a car crashing around this track, but this time you realize how dangerous this track is. In the following video you see an Opel Speedster losing the tracion of the rear tires and smashing into the guardrail. Damage done, then the worse part comes but hopefully it doesn't end tragically; a BMW M3 comes too fast (under yellow flag, well done!) and in order to avoid the Speedster drives into the grass and nearly hits the driver!

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  1. It has become private! How can I see now that I'm curious?