Monday, 16 September 2013

Woman crashes a Nissan GT-R

A woman, bad weather and a drag race with supercars. Is this, the recipe of an incoming disaster? The latest drag race organized by the russians at Drag Times Info has ended badly during a match between two Nissan GT-Rs under a massive rain storm.
The car suddendly loses traction and hits roughly the barriers with the front, but hopefully the lady didn't reported injuries and gets out as if nothing happened.


  1. rischiano tanto su quelle gare lì, la pista è messa male!! Poi sono anche pazzi!!!

  2. After repeating the video several times...seems like she went over a small bump and lost traction in the wet... and it is impossible to correct it going at that speed in those conditions.. at least no one was hurt.. just stating my perspective tho :)

    1. at least she didn't leave her hand bag in the car ... dopey woman :P

  3. thankfully she was fine but as for the poor car ? was she trying to phone her other half to say .... Funny think happened on the way to the shops this afternoon babe ... think i scarched yer car lololol Sorry

  4. guys... wipers are the reason of lost the control but where was the ESP ?