Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Close call in a Ferrari F430

When the weather is not good, supercar owners usually leave their toys in covered, warm garages, because on wet roads it's difficult and dangerous to push a fast RWD supercar. The american photographer Speedracer38 had a blast in a Ferrari F430 in the slippery roads of Denver, and while chasing his friend in another F430, suddendly the car slides and almost crashes into a pole and the guardrail. It looks like the manettino setup on the car was set on Race that makes the traction and stability control less invasive, there is a reason why manettino has also Rain mode..

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  1. Notice, how the weather gets much worse throughout the video but the drivers keep on speeding the same way.. Good that nobody got hurt!

  2. Is f430 doing 100 Km/h on 5th gear with over 5.000 RPM? Please look at 2:50 in video

  3. Hi Anonymous :-)
    Notice that the white numbers on the tachometer are in Miles per Hour (MpH)and the yellow numbers in Km/h.
    So : ~105 MpH = 168 Km/h. Not too bad whis this weather.

    For info you can keep in mind : 1 mile = 1.609 Kilometer

    105*1.609 = 168.945

    Have a nice day