Thursday, 13 September 2012

Ferrari 430 Scuderia... Replica!

A Ferrari 430 Scuderia with a 2.5L V6 engine instead of a 4.3 V8 is something strange, especially if it's in the front. During a car event, a fake Ferrari 430 Scuderia showed up, there were even curious people around the car, certainly because it's a very well done replica based on a Ford Cougar, but it's still a fake Ferrari. Just wondering why people spend alot of money to make a replica (trust me, good replicas are expensive) instead of buying a second hand sport car.

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  1. maybe they do it just to know it's not a real thing but still getting attention. It's a bit like wigs - people wear them, everyone thinks they dyed their hair pink and only the wig-wearer know the truth.

  2. or may be that was the project car. The guy just wanted to make a ferrari f430 replica and test his skills!

  3. Its very diffrent if you have a ferrari even if you boughted it for 10.000. Services and cost if you crash even little, is HUGE the costs. Also a replica costs 30-50.000 max. Also the taxes haveng a ferrari and the insuranse are also huge.

  4. Only Horacio Pagani should use bolts on the outside. Exposed screws are for the worst and the best.