Friday, 21 September 2012

Green Huayra to be delivered

Work at Pagani is very intense in the last time, with many orders of the new Huayra. Some of them have allready been delivered, but I've stumbled upon a new one that looks really fantastic. I'm talking about a Huayra with a particular shade of green that is going to be delivered to Mr.Kao, a well known customer for Pagani that allready owns a Zonda. I had the opportunity to see this beauty during its construction, but finally these pics give us all the opportunity to see it in the flesh, the final result looks really spectacular.

The color fits perfectly with the black wheels and carbon highlights, even the interior is full of green and black leather with many carbon details. As you may notice, the car is right hand drive, that means that probably this one is going to Hong Kong, a very good market for Pagani.

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