Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Driving a Ferrari through a small village isn't a clever idea

I guess for this guy is one of those moments that repents not to have bought a Smart car for the city. I don't know if this man is completely crazy or just brave, but it's absurd to see how he drives through a greek village in a road that is just a few centimeters wider than his Ferrari F430 Spider. Driving a supercar in the city is the least practical thing you can do; the steering is heavy, the clutch suffers in the slow speed maneuvres and if you scratch anything there's an expensive bill waiting for you.

You will probably watch the video with the bated breath to see how the hell this guy can make it without smashing the Fezza, but incredibly, he make it! Well.. he has burnt the clutch as you can see at the end, but he make it.

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