Saturday, 30 November 2013

Hear the LaFerrari testing the F1 Turbo V6

Many of you might be wondering: Ferrari, what are you testing? My guess is that the massive engine bay of the LaFerrari hides the tiny 1.6L turbocharged V6 engine we will find in the next F1 season. An airscoop shows up on the roof and talking about the exhaust note, it's totally different than the V12 we use to find on a LaFerrari and also, you clearly hear the whistle of the turbo and the wastegate.

Back in the day Ferrari did the same with a prototype of the Enzo fitted with a 2.4L V8 Formula 1 engine. If it's so, then it's the first time we get to hear for real the sound of this new Formula 1 engine and after all.. it doesn't sounds so bad!


  1. Maybe they're testing an alternative to the V12, the car isn't released yet, so...

  2. Turbo....for sure....V6 for sure....

  3. Why ruin a true Italian engine with a turbo? I don't get it.

    1. ferrari used to put turbo's in many models, the f40 is just one of them, also the 328 gts turbo 308 gts turbo etc

  4. Holy cow. Does sound as pretty powerful turbo V6. Not as nice sound as a V12 but still impressive.

  5. This actually isnt the laferrari testing the new f1 engine..its James Glickenhause's concept for his SCG 003...