Friday, 15 November 2013

Lapo Elkann's Ferrari California for sale

Lapo Elkann is a very extravagant and imaginative person, he loves to drive sports cars and most of all, to make them unique. It's not hard to see him driving around the most exclusive streets of Milan with one of his unique cars, such as the camouflaged Ferrari 458 Italia or the " pied de poule " Abarth 500.

Today you have the opportunity to buy his Ferrari California completely customized at Tailor Made Ferrari, Ferrari's exclusive personalization programme. For an asking price of 215.000€, this 4 years old California which shows over 20.500 kilometers on the odometer is still more expensive than a brand new one!

Making your own Ferrari a unique Prancing Horse is something very expensive and exclusive, I wouldn't be surprised to know this California was more expensive than a well-equipped F12 Berlinetta! But let's move on and see this Cali.. on the outside it's finished with a matte blue paint, the same treatment on the wheels but with a lighter shade. The interior is very particular because the main fabric is not the typical alcantara or leather we use to find on a Ferrari, but jeans!

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