Monday, 7 January 2013

Dodgeball Supercar Rally 2013

The Dodgeball Supercar Rally is ready to set the 2013's Winter edition in March, with an exciting trip whose departure is set in London and will cross Holland, Luxemburg, France and Switzerland as the final destination. 5 days of fun, speed and parties in the most exclusive places around Europe!

I had the opportunity to join the Dodgeball Summer Rally in 2012 just for their arrival in Italy and it was really a huge fun that night, with a group of crazy guys with crazy cars.

In the 5 days trip you'll experience in a very engaging and fun journey as this year's Winter rally will take you to the factory of the exclusive dutch supercar Savage Rivale, a track day in France followed by a visit at Bugatti Museum, partying every night and much more.

If you have a supercar and want to join the event or want to know more, just drop an email at or visit

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