Saturday, 26 January 2013

Petrol vs Electric - The Revenge

If you remember, last year a group of journalists had the idea to challenge the new hybrid Tesla Model S, with a BMW M5, and the Tesla won silently the drag race. It's time for petrolheads to take revenge of the hybrid and match the Tesla Model S with another german sports saloon car, the noisy Mercedes E63 AMG. The 518hp and 630nm of the E63 AMG will be enough to compete with the 416hp and 600nm of the Model S? On the paper, the Mercedes is better, but don't forget that the Tesla delivers all its torque at any speed, just click and see the race..

Click here for the M5 vs Model S race.

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  1. The Tesla was faster on a short distance because of the torque maximum available from 1 rpm, but after a while the Merc was faster. I love both, but for a fast car I still prefer petrol engines.

  2. How long was that race? Doesn't look like a 1/4 mile. Looks awfully short, perhaps by design?

    Probably at the limit of the Tesla's range.

  3. Petrol engine vehicles move faster than electric engine vehicles.