Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The 1st F12 Berlinetta crash!

The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is having a great success, deliveries have just started, and if you want to buy one you have to wait over 1 year. But with 740hp and the RWD, we didn't had to wait so long to see the first F12 Berlinetta crash. And the award goes to **drum roll** ... a chinese man.

The crash took place on the Jiefang Bridge in the city of Guangzhou, looks like the owner of the F12 hasn't done a good use of the massive carbon ceramic brakes, and the result is a collision with another vehicle, and a damaged front bumper and hood to be replaced. The car was just 3 days old, and in the following pictures it doesn't even shows a registration plate, and I doubt that it had an insurance.

This is certainly not the only Pracing Horse involved in a crash in China, recently also a 458 Spider and a California have been smashed. See the article of the double crash here.

Pictures via CarNewsChina

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