Saturday, 26 January 2013

Ferrari F150 spied

F150, we meet again. New and fresh pictures are surfacing on internet of a testing mule of the upcoming Ferrari F150 driving out the Ferrari factory's main gate in Maranello. It's gonna be a tough battle with the McLaren P1. The F150 will feature a 6.3L V12 engine and combined with the electric KERS system, the power output should be around 900hp, and with a possible kerb weight of about 1100kg and all the technology imported straight from F1, this car will be certainly a benchmark for the future of hypercars.

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  1. i think the p1 will be better than the f150. Plus the f150 seems ugly.

    1. it's still a modified version and it will be very different, except in the mechanics!

    2. look also at the F12 Berlinetta, in its trial version it looked very ugly, but now it's a very nice Ferrari...

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  3. That's the ugliest shit I've ever seen in my entire life

  4. you're very clever to be sure the P1 will be better than a car you never drove, and to be able to see the F150 is ugly under this black "dress" !

    stefano dom.