Friday, 18 January 2013

MP4-12C: now it's extreme!

The McLaren MP4-12C is an outstanding supercar and in its segment it might be the best car that money can buy. The only thing that most people criticise is the simple and discreet look, but it could be a benefit if you don't want always people to notice you, just like it certainly happens when you drive a yellow Lamborghini or a red Ferrari.

But if you love the MP4-12C and the attention of the crowd, the solution comes from the german tuner Hamann, which for 95.000€ (plus VAT) completely changes the look of the car, and becomes easily recognizable from a mile!

The kit offers a new set of 21 inch wheels, an airscoop that helps the cooling of the engine, a spoiler for more downforce, and wider wheel arches, the final result might be of questionable taste, but I'm sure that arabs and russians will love this kit.

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