Monday, 23 December 2013

Aventador crashes near Maranello

Just yesterday I have explained you how most supercars get driven around Maranello thanks to the rental companies you may find in town and sadly we just get to know that yesterday took place a brutal accident in the area.

An orange Lamborghini Aventador belonging to the famous company Pitlane has crashed yesterday morning just outside Maranello, but we don't know if it was during a test drive. The 24 years old driver of the Aventador was Flavio Pierleoni, a racing driver involved in Lamborghini's Blancpain championship.

The driver lost the control of the car at high speed and flipped over in a ditch. The collision was so rough to cause a fire that has completely burned the car but luckily for the driver and the passenger (Daniele Valestri, owner of Pitlane) the owner of a local vinegar factory saw the scene and ran to pull the occupants out of the car just in time.

Both occupants have been hospitalized with serious injuries and burns; without the help of the local resident the accident could have ended even worse.