Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Ferrari Testarossa Special H17 TRS

How many different models Ferrari has produced since the beginning, hundreds? Well, it's quite challenging to know them all and it's always a surprise to surf the internet and find some Prancing Horses that are unknown to most enthusiasts.

I'm a great lover of one-off Ferraris and today I show you the Ferrari Testarossa H17 TRS, a unique Prancing Horse based on a Testarossa made for Bob Houghton, owner of an important Ferrari workshop in United Kingdom.

The owner took part to the realization and most of the parts have been designed by himself with clue styles taken also from the 512S, 360, F355 and F40. The engine of the Special H17 TRS is the same 4.9L flat 12 with 428hp that we find on the 512TR but overall the Special is 100kg lighter than the TR thanks to the body formed in alloy.

Also the interior is very custom, the only element we know are the seats taken from a Ferrari 550M, all the other components have been realized just for this model.

Being owner of a one-off Ferrari is a privilege given just to the special customers of the brand; over the years Ferrari hasn't produced many one-offs, some of the latest and popular creations we might remember are the Ferrari SP 12EC (based on the 458) made for Eric Clapton, the P4/5 (based on the Enzo) for James Glickenhaus and so on.


  1. You said that this car has the 5.0 V12 from the Ferrari 512 TR. But the 512 TR had a 4.9 Flat-12 engine, not a 5.0 V12.

    1. For your information the TR engines are V12 at 180 degree. It's a well known fact.

  2. Do you know when it was maked ? The back look like the 360 modena :o